Notice on The Thirty-Fourth Sports Meeting Of Shantou University


In order to activate the campus sports cultural life and further promote the development of mass sports activities in our school, the school will hold the 34th Sports Meeting from November to December 2020 according to the actual situation of our school.


The games a total of 10 x 50 meters head-on relay, pull-ups (male)/sit-ups (female), basketball, (3), football (specific), volleyball, table tennis (group), badminton (group), the school physical tests (50 meters, 1000 meters / 800 meters, standing long jump, pull-ups/sit-up), fun games and so on.


Now the general rules of the competition regulations of the games are released, and all the participating units should actively organize their teams to register. The specific competition notice of each competition will be issued in succession, please pay attention to the relevant notice of collaborative office system.


Shantou University Sports Committee

November 2, 2020