• 硕士/ 博士学位项目的申请者,请提前与所申请专业的导师取得联系。在获得导师的许可后,将材料上传至入学申请系统:https://sie.stu.edu.cn/application

For overseas applicants to Master's/ Doctoral Degree Programs, please contact the supervisor(s) of the major that you are applying for in advance. With permissions from supervisor(s),please upload application materials to the Admission System: https://sie.stu.edu.cn/application.

  • 硕士生、博士生收费标准

Fee Standards for Master and PhD Students


  • 各学院网站

Websites of Schools/ Colleges

文学院    School of Liberal Arts    http://www.wxy.stu.edu.cn/

国际学院    School of International Education    https://sie.stu.edu.cn/


理学院    College of Science    https://sci.stu.edu.cn/


工学院    College of Engineering    https://eng.stu.edu.cn/


法学院    Law School    https://law.stu.edu.cn/


商学院    Business School    http://biz.stu.edu.cn/


长江新闻与传播学院    Cheung Kong School of Journalism & Communication    http://media.stu.edu.cn/


长江艺术与设计学院    Cheung Kong School of Art & Design    https://ckad.stu.edu.cn/


医学院    Medical College    https://www.med.stu.edu.cn/


公共卫生学院    School of Public Health    N/A